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Goodness through faith

If you bite the bullet and accept the invitation extended by God, you can bet that you’ll be pleased with the outcome. You’ll not only heal your separation from your Creator, but you’ll also be perfectly placed to cleanse your sins. With Jesus’ assistance, you’ll be able to lead a positive, healthy, and productive life, even though the world at large is full of evil. Your faith will make you strong enough to resist any attempts by the Devil to seduce you away from the side of God (see Romans 8:28–39).

While surrendering to God will deliver you incalculable personal benefits, you should know that it will be required of you to share your faith on a day by day basis. This will not only do you a power of Good but it will help spread the Good News to others. Living the true Christian life is not about being passive and hiding yourself away. It is not acceptable to keep God’s gift to yourself and effectively deny it to others. Jesus has a bigger plan in mind and that requires people to help Him implement it. The amount of work that needs doing is mind-boggling – it ranges from helping people who are homeless, hungry, or sick to simply spreading God’s word, so that others can be enabled to make the same spiritual journey as yourself. Basically, being a Christian, in the true sense, is a full-time job.

In a nutshell, Christianity boils down to kick starting a brand new life, which requires you first to surrender to God and put your trust in Him. Once the power of Christ floods into your heart, you’ll then see big changes – and for the better. Not only will your own life be transformed beyond all recognition, but you’ll find that you are empowered to pass on the good news that Jesus has redeemed you of your sins. Following Christ is not about going through the motions of rituals and pondering over the details of religious observance, but rather it is a dynamic philosophy and way of life, which is underpinned at all times by faith in God, surrender to Him, and an acceptance of the infinite healing power of His Son, Jesus.

Good relationships with God depend on having faith in Jesus

Christians often talk about good news, but what is meant by this? Well, the easiest way to explain the concept is to quote directly what Jesus said to Nicodemus: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

If you want to change things around and restore your relationship with God, there are certain things you are obliged to do. You must have faith in God and trust Him implicitly. Furthermore, you must acknowledge His Son, Jesus, as Lord. The basic facts are that Jesus was God, but in human form, and He died on the cross to save humanity. You must accept all this as well as repenting your sins.

At the time He was on Earth and beginning His all-important ministry, Jesus proclaimed, “Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:15) And, after delivering his Pentecost sermon, in which he proclaimed Jesus as Lord, Peter offered the following advice to those who were present but were unsure what to do: “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.” (Acts 2:36–38) This same point, i.e. that faith comes after repentance and obedience, is also dealt with by Paul in chapters 4–8 of Romans.

To put it another way, the message God has for sinful humanity is that, if they wish have good relationships with Him, they are required to show the necessary faith and trust, and acknowledge Jesus as their Lord. Meeting these conditions will result in them being brought back into the fold, i.e. into a relationship that’s providential and filled with joy.

Just as a surgeon is willing to perform a heart transplant on a patient if there’s a chance of saving his life, God is similarly prepared to transform the lives of all human beings. In this case, it’s the heart of Jesus God is offering, subject to the terms and conditions already described. Of course, if you do not put trust in God, or surrender to Him in the manner explained above, you cannot expect the desired transformation to take place.

Furthermore, the goal of becoming a brand new human, empowered by the spirit of Jesus in your heart, cannot be achieved by observing religious rules, regulations, and rituals in a mechanical, unthinking way. Nor can mere belief in a religious creed open the door to spiritual renewal. That’s because you must actively surrender to God in order for the wisdom, love, and power of Christ to enter your heart.

More on the subject of Faith

Faith means placing your trust in your Creator’s goodness

Once God had made the universe (including all the sophisticated systems it contains) plus the Earth (along with its huge complement of living organisms, including the first man and woman), the Bible says that He “saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

God gave Adam and Eve absolute power over every last one of the other living creatures He had created, but he reminded the pair that they should “take care” of everything in his garden. (Genesis 2:15)

God additionally allowed Adam and Eve complete liberty to eat any fruits growing from the trees in the garden, with the exception of a single tree. Adam and Eve were told explicitly that they must not eat the fruit of this tree, which the Bible calls the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” (Genesis 2:17) They were warned that eating the fruit of this tree would have dire consequences: they’d “surely die.” (Genesis 2:17)

God went out of his way to make things easy as pie for Adam and Eve. They had everything they could possibly need, i.e. unlimited food and a beautiful place to live. The only thing that was required of them was that they place their trust in God, and not poke their noses into matters of good and evil – these things were the prerogative of God alone. The bottom line is that, so long as Adam and Eve lived in the garden and maintained the correct type of relationship with their Creator, then everything would be good!

Sin destroys trust in God

Having been encouraged by the Devil, Adam and Eve decided to taste the forbidden fruit, but they paid one hell of a price for it: Their faithful, trusting relationship with God was destroyed. God ejected them from the garden and He decided they must endure pain as well as getting used to hard work for a change, so as to support the children they soon had.

Adam and Eve were not the only ones to be penalized: Sin defined what was to come for the whole human race. Whereas, originally, God had in mind a faith-based relationship with the humans he created, he was forced to change things around; consequently, death, pain, struggle, and separation became widespread on Earth. If you would like to get the full lowdown on how humanity fell from grace, you should read the Old Testament, specifically Genesis chapter three.


God still loved the human race

If you want an explanation of how God tried to mend His relationship with man, the Bible is the place to go. In its pages, you will read again and again of how He called upon humans to change their ways and restore their faith in Him.

The saga is a long one and it features numerous stories such as those of Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, and Noah. Then there’s Moses, along with John the Baptist, Daniel, Isaiah, David, Samuel, Joseph and Mary. At last, we get to Jesus, plus his disciples, who included Timothy, Luke, Barnabas, Paul, Mark, Matthew, John, James, and Peter, among others (see chapter 11 of Hebrews for the full list).

Right the way through this saga, God repeatedly shows that His attitude is one of love, and that He desires to bless and care for anybody who is prepared to trust in Him and live their life in a faithful, submissive relationship with Him.

Christian Faith

Being a Christian centers upon living day by day in a personalized, dynamic relationship with God, which is achieved by embracing Jesus’ life-changing power. There’s a key point to understanding how to unlock this new kind of life, however, and central to it is the requirement to trust God. You must allow Him to do whatever it takes to renew you as a person, in this case by placing the Holy Spirit into your body and mind, where Jesus, who is God’s Son, can gift you a brand new life. No matter how many Christian books you read, or even write, you have to learn to have faith in Him.

A fresh life explained

Have you got to the stage where your heart is so enfeebled that you have been stripped of vital energy? If you find yourself in such a state, you can’t be productive as regards work. In fact, you can’t enjoy any aspect of living. No doubt you feel terrified by all the challenges that come thick and fast every day. In addition, you may find that your body gets hit by a raft of infections, and pills and potions don’t really help.

In such circumstances, your number one desire may be to dodge bad feelings by sleeping much more than usual, in a bid to anaesthetize yourself from the pain you are feeling. No medical doctor under the sun will be capable of curing your ills, because the disease is in your heart and soul. In actual fact, the treatment you require is a heart transplant – but not the usual kind. Once you receive your new heart, its power is such that you’ll be restored to glowing health.

As regards your new heart, there’s a donor out there who knows that it’s the one thing needed to turn your life around. The heart is ready and waiting, and all that needs to happen is for it to be inserted into your body. The only thing that’s required of you is to give the go ahead for the transplant operation. You must trust the donor, and also your doctors. You must be willing to say goodbye to your old heart and welcome the new one with open arms. In a sense you will “die” a little when that old heart of yours goes, but it’s weak, so there’s no option but to cut it out and replace it. There’s nothing for you to worry about, because that new heart will beat ten times stronger than the old one once it is properly installed. And, when you wake up from your operation, as a brand new man or woman, it will be the first day of the rest of your life!

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